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William Trevor

Click here for a transcript of a BBC Radio 3 interview with William Trevor.

The William Trevor Short Story Competition.

Short story collections

Cheating at Canasta (Viking Adult, Oct 2007)

Reviewed by Shawn A. Miller

The Dressmaker's Child (Penguin, 2005)

Bit on the Side (Viking, 2004)

The Hill Bachelors (Penguin, 2000)

Cocktails at Doney's and Other Stories (Penguin, 1996)

After Rain (Penguin, 1996)

Outside Ireland (Penguin, 1995)

The Collected Stories (Penguin, 1989)

Family Sins and Other Stories (Penguin, 1989)

The News from Ireland and Other Stories (Penguin, 1986)

Ireland: Selected Stories (Penguin, 1984)

Beyond the Pale and Other Stories (Bodley Head, 1981)

Lovers of Their Time(Bodley Head, 1978)

Angels at the Ritz (Bodley Head, 1975)

The Ballroom of Romance (Bodley Head, 1972)

The Day We Got Drunk on Cake ( Bodley Head, 1967)