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John Jodzio is a winner of the Loft-McKnight Fellowship. His stories have appeared in One Story, Opium, The Florida Review and Rake Magazine and a number of other places, both print and online. He’s won a Minnesota Magazine fiction prize and both the Opium 500 Word Memoir competition and Opium Fiction Prize.

Short Story Collections

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If You Lived Here You'd Already Be Home
(Replacement Press, 2010)

reviewed by Stefani Nellen

Interview with John Jodzio

The Short Review: How long did it take you to write all the stories in your collection?

John Jodzio: If You Lived Here You’d Already Be Home took around ten years to write.  I wish it could have gone quicker, but I am a slow and plodding writer who is easily distracted by shiny things.

TSR: Did you have a collection in mind when you were writing them?

JJ: Absolutely and not at all. Absolutely because I think that a collection’s the ultimate goal when you are writing short stories, not at all because I didn’t really start to focus on putting together this collection until about a year ago.

TSR: How did you choose which stories to include and in what order?

JJ: Choosing which stories wasn’t particularly hard, but figuring out the collection’s correct order was really difficult for me. I switched everything around about four million times and finally ended up with something that was very close to how I initially ordered everything in the first place. 

TSR: What does the word "story" mean to you?

JJ:  I’ll go with "thoughtful entertainment." 

TSR: Do you have a reader in mind when you write stories?

JJ:  I try not to, but I know in the back of my mind I am always trying to make sure that whatever I write won’t bore my friends.

TSR: Is there anything you'd like to ask someone who has read your collection, anything at all?

JJ: Why won’t my left eye stop twitching? When will this rash on my shoulder go away? Why did I eat that entire bag of mini-Butterfingers? 

TSR: How does it feel knowing that people are buying your book?

JJ: It’s weird. When you are publishing work in journals and magazines, people can just page past your story without too much animus. If they buy your book, the pressure’s on for you to make every sentence memorable.  That’s a lot of pressure and it’s why I lose sleep at night.

TSR: What are you working on now?

JJ: Most writers are really superstitious and won’t give away any details of their next project for fear that it will lose its mojo or magic. Since my new project is a novel about magician who has a ton of mojo, I don’t really have this kind of fear. 

TSR: What are the three most recent short story collections you've read?

JJ: Fugue State by Brian Evenson, Girl Trouble by Holly Goddard Jones and Tunneling to the Centre of the Earth by Kevin Wilson
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