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Edna O'Brien was born in 1930 in County Clare, Ireland. She has two sons, one of whom is writer Carlo Gébler. In 1959 O’Brien moved to London, where she lives still. Her books include Love Object, August is a Wicked Month, Casualties of Peace, The Country Girls, The Dazzle, Down by the River, The Expedition, Girl with Green Eyes, Girls in their Married Bliss, The High Road, House of Splendid Isolation, Johnny I Hardly Knew You, The Lonely Girl, Night, A Pagan Place, Time and Tide, Vanishing Ireland and Zee and Co.

Short Story Collections

Saints and Sinners
(Faber, 2011)

reviewed by Nuala Ni Chonchúir

The Love Object (1968)

A Scandalous Woman (1972)

A Rose in the Heart (1978)

Collector's Choice (1978)

Returning (1982)

A Fanatic Heart (1984)

Lantern Slides (1990)

Edna O'Brien Reader (1994)

Irish Revel (1998)

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